Saturday, September 20, 2008

Welcome to the new Distortions Unlimited Blog!

Welcome to Distortions Unlimited's new blog! We're excited to use this as a forum to keep in touch with everybody in the Haunted House industry, as well as an opportunity to share some of the exciting things we're doing at Distortions! If you are not familiar with us, Distortions Unlimited is one of the premier Halloween Animatronics manufacturers in the industry. We feature a huge selection of various Halloween Animatronics and Halloween Props, with something for everybody - from low-budget home haunts to high-end professional Haunted Houses. In the coming days and weeks we'll be posting some of our featured products and videos here, as well as news and information. Please feel free to comment on the posts and stop by to check us out regularly. Be sure to visit to check out all of our Halloween Animatronics and Props!