Monday, November 24, 2008

New Distortions Unlimited Comic Book!

Distortions Unlimited is proud to present our first ever comic book! This new 3-issue series from Blue Water Comics will revolve around our full-scale monster and alien animatronics, specifically our best-selling "Rage" animatronic. More information is available at!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Resurrection Masks Line is Resurrected!

Years in the making . . . finally the much talked about Collector Version of the Resurrection Line is being produced the first week of December 2008! We have made arrangements with Hollywood EFX expert Jordu Schell to come out to Distortions for a week to paint 24 each of the 10 Resurrection masks.

Jordu and Ed will be painting these thick pull, uncut which will be numbered and come with a signed certificate.

You can see all 9 masks below - click an image for a high quality enlarged image.

This is a extremely limited, historical run. Order now to be sure to get the characters you want! Call 970.351.0100 or visit, click "Enter Store" and then navigate to the Masks section in the menu!
Andromeda Time Traveler Zombie
Neutron Alien Rotten Corpse Keeper of the Crypt
Humanocerous Human Error Creeton